Become Better With Women Than You Ever Thought Possible.

Spring/Summer 2022 Enrollment Ends In:


This is your chance to break free from social isolation, quarantine & fear – and finally create the social/dating life of your dreams.

Course Details:

Backed by our 90 day – no questions asked, money back guarantee.

Course Details:

Backed by our 90 day – no questions asked, money back guarantee.

Everytime you leave your house you see women who you find attractive. Who you would love to meet, be with, even sleep with. So what happens next?


You let her go, never to see her again. This is the reality for most guys, and there’s a few reasons for this:

1: They think the only appropriate time to hit on women is at a bar or a club.

2: They have no idea what to do or what to say.

3: They don’t feel that they are enough. They don’t feel worthy. They don’t feel they have anything to offer her. “She’s out of their league.”

4: They are too afraid to talk to her or they fear rejection.

But imagine if every time you saw a girl like this you knew that you were enough for her and you had so much to offer her. Instead of being afraid you were excited to share your desire with her. You knew exactly what to do and what to say. And you knew that no matter how the interaction went there was no chance of rejection because you were already winning.


I don’t care how far you feel you are from this, how shy you are, how afraid you are to talk to women or what you look like – you can get to this level!

We created The Ultimate Dating Program to take you step by step through the entire transformation process. Our students complete this transformation all the time with consistent, predictable  & guaranteed results.

If you’re ready to make this change and create the dating, sex & love life of your dreams we are accepting a limited number of new students for the Spring/Summer 2022 enrollment. But you have to move fast because these spots fill up quickly and once the timer below runs out, we will begin our process, enrollment will closed and you will not be able to access this page again.

Spring/Summer 2022 Enrollment Ends In:


What's Included in The Program?

32 HD Video Lessons

Learn everything you need to know in 32 HD lessons, including classroom sessions, breakdowns with paid models, live exercises & live examples with real women.

6 Week Action Plan

We have designed 6 weeks of exercises for you to do in the real world to take anyone from absolute beginner to mastery - even if you've tried and failed in the past.

BI-Weekly Q&A Calls

As you go through the lessons and exercises we will host bi-weekly group calls on zoom where you and the other students can ask any questions you may have along the way.

Private Dating Group

Gain access to our entire private men's social media community including a private members only dating group where you can ask questions, connect with like minded guys and share...

In-Ear Coaching

We have prepared for you a series of in-ear audio coaching for you to listen to on your first days out. These act as motivation & a reminder of key mindset and things you need to know.

3 Bonus Programs

Enjoy exclusive bonuses that will compliment your new ability to talk to women. These range from texting guides, to tips for after you're back at your place and even sex advice.

What You’ll Learn

For a Limited Time Only Get Access to These 4 Outrageously Valuable Bonuses:

Shamelessness Program Pic

Normally $197.00

Bonus #1: Shamelessness

One of the biggest reasons guys cannot express themselves to girls in public is due to the fear of judgement, or caring what other people think.

In this program by coach Daniel Munro, you’ll learn how to become 100% comfortable with who you are & how to express yourself without any shame or caring what others think.

Build total social confidence by becoming shameless.


Erotic Massage Mastery

Normally $167.00

Bonus #2: Erotic Massage Mastery

As you begin to date and get sexual with women, becoming an expert at erotic massage will take your foreplay to the next level.

Bonus #2 is a 7 part HD video series with sex expert Jakob Wulfe that will teach you step by step to master the art of erotic massage, including yoni/pussy massage.

Unlocking Her Wild Side

Normally $97.00

Bonus #3: Unlocking Her Wild Side

Learn the secrets to unlocking her sexual desire and nurturing her passion.

The 3rd of 3 bonuses with sex expert Jakob Wulfe of school of squirt, this program will teach you how to turn her on until she is begging you for sex. 

Consists of 12 video lessons.

Meet Your New Coaches

how to talk to women

Head Coach: John Cooper


John Cooper, Author of the book “Game Over” has teamed up with Menprovement to share his teachings exclusively in this program.

After years as a coach in the pick up artist community, John new that this mentality was toxic and extremely limiting – so he created his own philosophy – transcending traditional teachings to elevate men to a new level of social freedom.

These teachings, which revolve around 6 core principles, cannot be found anywhere else. Watch John speak at The 21 Convention here.

Assistant Coach: Sean Russell


When Sean Russell was 23 years old he struggled with social anxiety and had never hit on a girl he didn’t know without drinking at least 10 beers first. Even then it wasn’t smooth.

After meeting John in 2013 he trained under him for 2 years, meeting dozens of amazing women, friends and lovers. Eventually in the summer of 2015 he stopped Sara on the streets of Budapest and 4 years later they were married. They are now building a life together and thinking about children.

This journey lead Sean to produce and finance the creation of this program with John, so that any guy can experience the same transformation.

sean and sara russell

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Spring/Summer 2022 Enrollment Ends Soon. We can only accept a select number of students as we aim to ensure everyone acheives a full transformation. Once this timer runs out you will not be able to access this page again.

90 day guarantee

Menprovement X aims to provide men with the absolute highest quality educational training programs from the best coaches.

If you are not 100% satisfied for any reason, or don’t achieve the results we promise, we will refund your purchase in full.

If you have any questions contact [email protected]. Cheers brother.



Frequently Asked Questions

What we teach may look the same from the outside (going up and talking to a girl) as pick up, but on the intention and vibrational level it is completely different. When you are trying to take, are dependent on an outcome or don’t value yourself or course you are going to be afraid and anxious! But through education and the exercises we teach you will be able to shift your perspective to one of giving, wholeness, independence from outcome & understanding the value you have to offer any woman. From this place you are coming from the heart, and when you come from the heart there is no fear. The old feelings of anxiety and fear will turn into excitement and attraction. We’ve worked with hundreds of students and seen even the most fear struck men make this transition.

First off, no matter what you look like, you cannot control the reactions of the women you talk to. Some will like you and some will not. Some will be in a shitty mood, some won’t. Some will be shallow and some won’t. Some will only like black guys and some white. All you can do is you and you will find the girls who like you for you.

We’ve know extremely physically attractive guys who are horrible with women and vice versa. Attraction is energetic and we help you access that as well as optimize your look.

If you’re shy or introverted, that’s great. We don’t want to change your personality. We believe all men are naturally good with women – and we will help you find that version of yourself and eliminate the boundaries that are holding him back.

You don’t have to be a loud extrovert to be good with women, or go to loud bars and clubs. Some of the most quite guys are the most seductive.

If for some reason you don’t experience the transformation you are looking for, or you are unhappy for any reason, we will refund your enrollment fee 100% no questions asked.

Everything is digital. After purchase, you will receive a login and password for The Menprovement Academy where the program is hosted. from there, you can access the program from all devices.