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The Online Video Course That Teaches You (Step By Step) How to Make Any Girl Orgasm (Like Never Before) 

Guys! A recent survey revealed that only 3% of women reported having regular orgasms with their partners during sex.

The problem is..

So most men go their whole lives without ever truly satisfying women sexually.


At Menprovement X – we steam the most badass self-improvement courses for men & we want to help you become the guy she tells all her friends about. The guy who “knows things.” The guy all the girls call every night wanting more and more.

We’ve partnered with sex expert Jakob Wulfe to produce 4 HD video training courses to teach you the secret techniques that will make you the best lover she’s ever had (by far).

This is over 20 hours of video with him and his partner Laura. You’ll learn how to give her an expert erotic massage – the absolute best way to get her ready for sex & powerful orgasms. Then you’ll learn how to give her orgasms through the best oral sex she’s ever had, through fingering with special fingering techniques, during penetration with 52 modified sex positions & you’ll even learn how to give her a full body squirting orgasm

This is the most powerful orgasm she can have, releasing a HUGE amount of Oxytocin (the love hormone) in her brain, creating a deep connection between you two (or three).

Just don’t use this last one on girls who you don’t want calling you every day because this can make her sexually addicted to you.

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What’s Inside:

Important: These are online courses. You get instant access & your privacy is our priority. All billing is 100% discrete, your statement will just say Menprovement LLC.

Erotic Massage Mastery

7 Videos | $97 Value

Sex Drive Secrets

14 Videos | $147 Value

Unlocking Her Wild Side

15 Videos | $97 Value

how to make a girl squirt

15 Videos | $197 Value

Offer Details:

All of our programs are backed by our 90 day – no questions asked, money back guarantee.

All This For Just $37.50.

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TONIGHT You’ll Feel Like A SEX GOD When You…
TONIGHT You’ll Feel Like A SEX GOD When You…

All of Our Videos Are Shot in HD & Available on All Devices

Massage based squirting
How to Finger a Girl
Jakob Wulfe

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What Our Happy Customers Are Saying:

I’m The Star of My College

“Guys thank you so much. Ever since learning this, word has gotten around my school and my sex life is outrageous = ). I think I have half the girls soccer team coming to my dorm room every week.”

This Saved My Marriage

“My wife never really wanted to have sex – I don’t think she enjoyed it. But after I showed her my new “talents” something has changed. She wants it every night now and we are closer than ever.”

how to make my wife squirt - testimonial
how to make her squirt - testimonial
how to make a girl squirt - testimonial
how to make my girlfriend squirt - testimonial
how to make my girl squirt - testimonial

Don’t miss this opportunity to become the guy she tells all her friends about. The guy who “knows things.” The only guy she calls when she’s in the mood. The best husband.


About The Programs:

Program #1: Squirting Triggers 2.0

“Learn how to master the pump-release technique to bring any girl to a squirting orgasm, tonight…”

squirting triggers 2.0

Normally $197.00

You’ll get instant access to Squirting Triggers 2.0, the only video training system guaranteed to make your girl squirt multiple times the first time you try, and become addicted to the orgasms only you can give her.

You’ll quickly master Laura’s secret ‘Pump-Release Technique’ proven to trigger any girl into having the greatest orgasms of her life, step-by-step in 15 HD video lessons.

Program #2: Erotic Massage Mastery

“The Secret Massage Techniques That Turn Any Woman Into The Mood For Sex”
erotic massage mastery

Normally $97.00

Have you ever wanted sex but your girl wasn’t in the mood?

Erotic Massage Mastery will unlock her sexual desire for you, and get her dripping wet for sex even when she’s not in the mood.

This includes Laura’s proven foreplay sequence for getting your girl mentally and physically ready to have her first ever squirting orgasm.

Normally $97, this perfect compliment to Squirting Triggers 2.0. is free with your order today.

Program #3: Unlocking Her Wild Side

“Learn how to ignite your partner’s deepest sexual desire and passion so she literally begs you for sex…”
wild side

Normally $97.00

Are you the one who normally initiates sex in your relationship?

Does your partner have a lower sex drive than you, and is she less open to trying new things in the bedroom?

In this amazing video program you’ll learn the secrets to unlock her wild side so that she becomes the one who craves sex from you.

Through the use to simple, practical and psychological techniques you’ll ignite a side of your partner that is more sexual and more passionate. And your bedroom will never be the same again.

Previously sold for $97, but right now available as a free bonus.

Program #4: Sex Drive Secrets

“Learn how to unlock your full sexual power and have the sex drive of an 18 year old…”

sex drive secrets

Normally $147.00

Now that you have all the tools for being the best lover she ever had, and you know how to unlock her sexual desire – it’s time to unlock your full sexual power and drive.

In this in depth program, Jakob walks you through everything from diet to supplementation so you can maximize your testosterone and sex drive.

This program usually sells for $147.00 and will be yours as part of this exclusive offer.

You’ll be feeling like a horny college kid again in no time at all..


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90 day guarantee


“You’re protected by our no-hassle, 90 day money-back guarantee. If you don’t love this exclusive package, for any reason, just email us and you’ll get back every penny.”

Worried your girl can’t squirt? Don’t be…

Have you seen video clips of women having intense squirting orgasms online and thought to yourself, “I wonder if my girl can do that too…?”

The answer is: Yes, your woman can squirt … and she WANTS you to help her do it.

It surprised me too, but as I got better and better and was able to make women squirt stronger and longer, I discovered that within just two sessions EVERY woman squirts. And I’m not special, I just have the knowledge and the practice.

Science reveals that squirting is your woman’s way to clean and refresh her sexual organs which means it’s healthy as well as natural to make her squirt. It’s just how your woman’s body works – otherwise why would any woman be able to squirt?

And it's fun!

(But you must be willing to emotionally support and nurture her after you help her squirt for the first time. If you’re not willing to support your woman, this online training is not for you.)