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A systematic practical approach to feeling good about who you are.

Course Details:

Backed by our 90 day – no questions asked, money back guarantee.

Course Details:

Backed by our 90 day – no questions asked, money back guarantee.

There is really only one barrier standing in between you and a social life you truly enjoy:


Shame is the sense that there’s something wrong or bad about you, and it leads you to be dishonest, hide who you really are, and eventually destroy your own confidence.

It’s strange that the word “shameless” is often used in a negative sense, as if it’s a bad thing to be shameless. And yet, being shameless is the most enjoyable way to live!

Confidence is, in essence, the opposite of shame. A confident person knows that there’s nothing “wrong” with them, and that they are valuable just the way they are.

But how is this achieved?

In this course, we’ll dive deep into the psychology of shame and confidence, and give you practical real-life exercises that will build your confidence by releasing your shame.

We will tackle all the beliefs you have about yourself that make you think “I’m not good enough” and other such negative thoughts, and give you a blueprint to release these faulty beliefs one at a time until you can one day stand in front of a mirror, look at your reflection, and be able to say without lying “Hey, I really like that person”.

Shamelessness creates confidence, and confidence is the recipe to loving yourself. Once you’re confident, your relationships, career and passions will thrive.

There really is nothing more important to your quality of life than becoming shameless.


What You’ll Learn

Meet Your New Coach

Daniel Munro

Daniel Munro: Head Coach


Dan Munro is a Confidence and Integrity Coach based in Europe. He created the BROJO self-development community which has grown to include members from all over the world, and is the #1 bestselling author of The Legendary Life and Nothing to Lose.

Dan specializes in helping people figure out what it means to “just be yourself”, through helping them remove the psychological barriers to authentic and confident living. He comes from a psychology and science-focused philosophy and background, having worked with high risk criminal offenders, and is expertly trained in confidence building, motivational techniques, psychological confidence, leadership skills, acceptance and value-based living, and managing manipulation.

Dan is a former People-Pleaser (a.k.a Nice Guy) who spent most of his life trying to get approval from other people. Once he discovered that this was a painful and dishonest way to live, he set out to find the truth about how to enjoy life, find purpose, and be ultimately satisfied with who you are as a person. He developed a blueprint called The 3X Model of Confidence, that underlies success in all areas of life, and can be learned quickly and effectively.

Dan’s mission in life is to teach people this secret so that they can get the most out of their short time on this planet.

90 day guarantee

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Shamelessness is backed by our 90 day – no questions asked money back guarantee.