These are the two main ingredients which create the person you become.

90% of what you do is habitual.

The actions you take everyday (your habits), combined with time, determine your future self.

The problem is, most of us sit on our phones all day, eating junk food, jerking off to internet porn with barely any attention span.

Where do you think two years of these daily actions will get you?


Now imagine the opposite. Imagine if you did the right things day after day, over and over for two years.

Where would you be then?

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Then you’ll learn the 12 most powerful habits a man can have, and over 30 days you’ll be put to the test – performing all 12 habits each day for 30 days.

This will build massive discipline, eliminate all laziness and program these powerful habits into your brain. 

From here you will have a solid foundation on which to start building continued success and to start moving towards your biggest goals.

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