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Self Improvement Courses For Men


Growing up, we’re not taught the essential life skills of being a man. Let’s fix that.

We’ve teamed up with the world’s best coaches to produce the highest quality video courses to teach you pretty much anything you could ever want to know.

The total value of these courses is over $4,000. Some of them used to sell for over $500 individually. And they are all yours now for just one low monthly fee.


We’ve included gamification in the Menprovement X system to help keep you motivated and having fun.

The more lessons you complete, the more experience points you earn. As you gain points, you level up to unlock new ranks, badges and titles.

Will you reach the top of the leaderboard?

O yeah, and you can use your points to purchase free gear, supplements and more.

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personal development for men

join in the community: Make Friends, message & connect with likeminded men

While you can absolutely remain anonymous, take your courses & do your own thing – you don’t have the climb the mountain alone.

Menprovement X is a fully autonomous social media platform, like Facebook – but just for men with a passion for self development.

You can join groups, start groups, post updates, ask questions, answer questions, upload pics, message people and much more. 

get coaching, attend live trainings & partake in weekly zoom calls

If you want to go beyond the video courses, you can connect directly with the coaches who make them to ask questions and get to the next level.

The coaches host weekly zoom calls for guys who are interested in what they teach. Our men’s groups are the most powerful on the planet.

And there is even the option for one on one coaching if this is more your style.

The point is, whatever your needs are. We’ve got you.

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“It’s The Netflix of Self Improvement”

– Daniel Munro

Master Every Area of Your Life

Here’s just a few things you’ll learn inside Menprovement X

“It’s Like Udemy on Steroids”

– Arnold Schwarzenegger 

How it Works

Self Improvement Courses For Men

1) Start your trial, log in & set up your profile

You can choose to remain completely anonymous by creating any nickname and leaving the default avatar & cover photo. Or you can add your own unique avatar – or even your real picture & real name. It’s completely up to you.

Self Improvement Courses For Men

2) Pick a course and start learning right away

As soon as you sign up you get instant access to all of our courses so you can start learning right away. As you complete lessons, your course progress will be saved for the next time you log in – so you can take as much time as you need.

Menprovement X Results

3) Gain points as you go & climb the leaderboard

Everytime you complete a lesson, you get experience points. We know it’s not what’s important, but it can be a bit of fun to see who’s on top. And as you gain experience points you level up and unlock new ranks, which can be a great way to keep you having fun.

Menprovement X Results

4) Start seeing massive results in your life

The combination of the best courses + community based learning + connection to the coaches for help + gamification. fun & motivation = you staying committed, engaged and seeing MASSIVE results in all areas of your life.

Are you ready to join the #1 self improvement platform for men on the planet?

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Enjoy a Sample From One of Our Programs

This is lesson 8/12 from Lifeforce Mastery by Jakob Wulfe where you will learn how to transcend average sexual ability by learning to have non-ejaculatory orgasms, multiple male orgasms and pull sexual energy up your spine where it can be transmuted into success, vitality and creation.

Course Details:

The Total Value of All Courses is Over $4000.00

And you can access them all 100% free for 3 days. And if you decide to stick around, it’s just $40 a month after that – with new programs coming out every month.