Nice Guy Recovery System


Nice Guy Recovery System

A realistic and practical guide to transform a people pleaser into a confident beast!

Course Details:

Course Details:

Nice Guy Syndrome, also known as people-pleasing, is a condition suffered by many that causes people to constantly seek approval and avoid disapproval from others. We lose who we really are in our non-stop effort to avoid rejection, prevent conflict, try to be liked, and be seen as perfect in all that we do.

To enjoy our lives, we Nice Guys must learn how to let go of controlling how much we’re liked and instead focus on being confident men (and women) of integrity who are honest, brave, emotionally healthy, and responsible.

This course is the cure to Nice Guy Syndrome.

Course creator Dan Munro is a Nice Guy in recovery who’s been coaching people-pleasers since 2013 on how to become more confident, more authentic, and better able to create healthy social connections. Everything he’s ever learned and applied successfully to both himself and his clients is represented in this course.

By the end of this course you will:

Make no mistake: this course is confronting.

There is no comfortable way to recover from Nice Guy Syndrome and heal the childhood wounds that led you to be like this. Only take this course if you’re willing to try unfamiliar behaviours, challenge life-long beliefs, disappoint and upset others, and prioritise living with integrity over other people’s approval.

A life of being proud of who you are awaits you on the other side...

What You’ll Learn

Who This Course is For:

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Meet Your New Coach

Daniel Munro

Daniel Munro: Head Coach


Dan Munro is a Confidence and Integrity Coach based in Europe. He created the BROJO self-development community which has grown to include members from all over the world, and is the #1 bestselling author of The Legendary Life and Nothing to Lose.

Dan specializes in helping people figure out what it means to “just be yourself”, through helping them remove the psychological barriers to authentic and confident living. He comes from a psychology and science-focused philosophy and background, having worked with high risk criminal offenders, and is expertly trained in confidence building, motivational techniques, psychological confidence, leadership skills, acceptance and value-based living, and managing manipulation.

Dan is a former People-Pleaser (a.k.a Nice Guy) who spent most of his life trying to get approval from other people. Once he discovered that this was a painful and dishonest way to live, he set out to find the truth about how to enjoy life, find purpose, and be ultimately satisfied with who you are as a person. He developed a blueprint called The 3X Model of Confidence, that underlies success in all areas of life, and can be learned quickly and effectively.

Dan’s mission in life is to teach people this secret so that they can get the most out of their short time on this planet.


What’s Included:

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Module 1: Welcome

Lesson 1: Meet Your New Coaches

Lesson 1: Meet Your New Coaches

Lesson 1: Meet Your New Coaches

Lesson 1: Meet Your New Coaches

Lesson 1: Meet Your New Coaches