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Menprovement X is an online platform that helps men learn how to connect with women, regardless of their current experience level. Our members:

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It's been 3 weeks since I joined Menprovement X and I've already had 4 dates with girls who my friends would say "are out of my league.."

And I'm fine with that!
semen retention testimonial
John Doe
"It was hard for me to give up on online dating, but I realized it was just using it for a dopamine release as I scrolled through girls, but it got me nowhere! One week working with John & Sean and I made more progress than I did in a year online."
semen retention testimonial
John Doe
"It's amazing how I've never been able to talk to a hot girl before. I never felt like I was good enough, or handsome enough. But with a few mindset shifts now I look forward to it. I wish I knew this stuff when I was back in college!"
semen retention testimonial
John Doe
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What's Inside:

Menprovement X is designed to give you the tools and resources you need to not only learn but see real changes in your life.

What Your Transformation Will Look Like:

sean and sara russell

Founder Sean Russell & Wife, Sara Russell


I started Menprovement in 2013, after I found myself at the age of 23 with an anxiety disorder, a dead-end 9-5 job, absolutely zero sex or dating life & $100,000.00 in debt. I devoted myself to personal development & after achieving rapid success and transformation in a 2 year period I devoted my life to helping other men do the same.

Enter Menprovement X: We teamed up with the world’s best coaches to bring you the training you need to do the same. Without having to spend thousands of dollars on courses and 1 on 1 coaching.

Instant Access to Over $10,000.00 in Video Training Courses

Shamelessness: Total Social Confidence

Instructor: Dan Munro - 25 Video Lessons - $397.00 value

build social confidence

The Ultimate Dating Program

Instructor: John Cooper - 35 Video Lessons - $750.00 Value

learn how to talk to girls

Erotic Massage Mastery

Instructor: Jakob Wulfe - 7 HD Video Lessons - $147.00 Value

learn how to talk to girls
Level 6 - King


With Menprovement X, you’ll never want to stop learning because we’ve made it exciting & rewarding. We’ve included badass gamification to make it fun and exciting.

Meet Your New Coaches

Sean Russell

Sean Russell

CEO & Founder of Menprovement. Sean is a self improvement enthusiast/human guinea pig who loves to find new ways to optimize his life and vitality.

Course Count: 2

John Cooper

John Cooper disrupted the entire dating industry with his book Game Over. His ideas help men connect with women without having to deal with fear or rejection.

Course Count: 1

Daniel Munro

Dan is a Confidence Coach with over 10 years of experience & 6 Time Author. He founded the Brojo men's group and helps men feel good about who they are.

Course Count: 5

Evander Nelson

Evander is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Writer. He helps men build the body of their dreams and reach their health and nutrition goals.

Course Count: 1

josh hudson

Josh Hudson

Josh Hudson is a licensed therapist & founder of Pinnacle of Man who specializes in helping men save their marriage and overcome porn addiction.

Course Count: 1

Jakob Wulfe

Jakob Wulfe

Jakob Wulfe is a sex expert & founder of Love Nest & School of Squirt. Jakob helps men reach their sexual potential through is wide array of courses on MPX.

Course Count: 11


Michael Peterson

Michael helps connect you to the courses and coaches that are best suited for you and is here for any questions you may have or support you may need along the way.

Community Moderator

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Coming Soon

We are adding more coaches and courses every month. Look out for updates via email and in the community news feed every month to see what's new on MPX.

Course Count: Infinite

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