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My name is John, author of the book Game Over and dating coach for over 15 years. I created this online course so that you could get the same experience of doing 1 on 1 coaching with me, without having to spend thousands of dollars or fly to Budapest to work with me in person. 

I promise that this program will deliver you the same results as hundreds of my students have experienced already. And if after 6 weeks you haven’t made a full transformation – I’ll refund your purchase 100%.   – John Cooper

Don't Take My Word For it..

Meet the men transformed by John Cooper’s expertise. His unique “Ultimate Dating Program” with 35 HD lessons is only available on Menprovement X. Widely regarded as one of THE BEST dating coaches, John’s 6-principle approach has reshaped dating and life for thousands. 

Don’t just take our word for it; hear it from those who’ve lived the change. 👇🏼

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learn how to talk to girls

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The Ultimate Dating Program is now exclusively available on Menprovement X only as a part of our monthly subscription. Try it absolutely free for 3 days and then it’s just $49/month if you decide to stick around. There’s no commitment & no obligation.

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What You'll Learn:

change your perspective
become more attractive
build self confidence
How to talk to women
dating advice
sex advice

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how to talk to women

Meet Your New Coach: John Cooper


John Cooper, Author of the book “Game Over” has teamed up with Menprovement X to share his teachings exclusively on this platform.

John has been a dating coach for over 10 years and has helped over 1,000 men transform their dating life without having to partake in low vibrational practices like Pick Up.

His teachings, which revolve around 6 core principles, are unlike anything else in the dating community. While most dating coaches teach men how to simply hide being needy using techniques and tricks, John eliminates this neediness from his students and helps them show up with women without need.

Once you are no longer needy, you become attractive – and you can show up with women on a whole new level.

When you come from this place you can express your desire to women without fear, anxiety or rejection. This will be replaced by excitement and confidence. His complete work cannot be found anywhere else other than Menprovement X.

It's as Easy as 1,2,3


Take the courses, and consume the information at your own pace.


Complete Homework & Exercises to solidify what you learn


Ask coaches questions along the way to eliminate sticking points

Over $10,000.00 of Courses to Teach You EVERYTHING About Women, For Just $49/Month

The Ultimate Dating Program

Instructor: John Cooper - 35 Video Lessons - $750.00 Value

learn how to talk to girls

Shamelessness: Total Social Confidence

Instructor: Dan Munro - 25 Video Lessons - $397.00 value

build social confidence

Erotic Massage Mastery

Instructor: Jakob Wulfe - 7 HD Video Lessons - $147.00 Value

erotic massage mastery

Squirting Triggers 2.0

Instructor: Jakob Wulfe - 12 HD Video Lessons - $200.00 Value

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+ Everything Else That Menprovement X Has to Offer

Menprovement X is the ultimate self improvement platform for men. Yes, it will make you great with women – but that’s just the start.

self improvement courses

Transformation Guaranteed.

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With Menprovement X, you’ll never want to stop learning because it is exciting & rewarding. We’ve included badass gamification to make it fun and exciting.

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It's been 3 weeks since I joined The Ultimate Dating Program and I've already had 4 dates with girls who my friends say "are out of my league.."

They are just jealous!
Michael Phillips
Verified Member
"It was hard for me to give up on online dating, but I realized it was just using it for a dopamine release as I scrolled through girls, but it got me nowhere! One week working with John & Sean and I made more progress than I did in a year online."
Jason Sinclair
Verified Member
"It's amazing how I've never been able to talk to a hot girl before. I never felt like I was good enough, or handsome enough. But with a few mindset shifts now I look forward to it. I wish I knew this stuff when I was back in college!"
Edgar Ramirez
Verified Member
sean and sara russell

Founder & Assistant Coach, Sean Russell

Why I Started Menprovement X..

At the age of 23 with an anxiety disorder, a dead-end job, and haven’t been on a date or had sex in over 2 years. I devoted myself to personal development. I tried TONS of methods and got rejected hundreds of times.

I spend over $10,000.00 on shitty online courses. After testing, tweaking and failing  I got rapid success and was getting frisky with girls almost every time I went out.

Fast forward, I approached a smoking hot girl on the streets and am now married to her.

This experience felt so good, and I knew there were other men struggling with this as well. That’s why I devoted my life to helping other men do the same.

But I knew most men could not spend over $10,000.00 on courses and coaches as I did so I created Menprovement X:

A place where men could make the same transformation as I did for one extremely low monthly price. If I can do it, you can too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What we teach may look the same from the outside (going up and talking to a girl) as pick up, but on the intention and vibrational level it is completely different. When you are trying to take, are dependent on an outcome or don’t value yourself or course you are going to be afraid and anxious! But through education and the exercises we teach you will be able to shift your perspective to one of giving, wholeness, independence from outcome & understanding the value you have to offer any woman. From this place you are coming from the heart, and when you come from the heart there is no fear. The old feelings of anxiety and fear will turn into excitement and attraction. We’ve worked with hundreds of students and seen even the most fear struck men make this transition.

First off, no matter what you look like, you cannot control the reactions of the women you talk to. Some will like you and some will not. Some will be in a shitty mood, some won’t. Some will be shallow and some won’t. Some will only like black guys and some white. All you can do is you and you will find the girls who like you for you.

We’ve know extremely physically attractive guys who are horrible with women and vice versa. Attraction is energetic and we help you access that as well as optimize your look.

If you’re shy or introverted, that’s great. We don’t want to change your personality. We believe all men are naturally good with women – and we will help you find that version of yourself and eliminate the boundaries that are holding him back.

You don’t have to be a loud extrovert to be good with women, or go to loud bars and clubs. Some of the most quite guys are the most seductive.

If for some reason you don’t experience the transformation you are looking for, or you are unhappy for any reason, we will work with you personally to get you past your barriers. 

Everything is digital. After purchase, you will receive a login and password for Menprovement X where the program is hosted. from there, you can access all the programs from all devices.