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Learn How to Effortlessly Talk to & Attract Women, Without Fear & Regardless of Looks or Social Status


Every other dating coach has got it WRONG! I’ve discovered a new system for attracting women based off 6 core energetic principles that works regardless of looks or shyness.

If my system doesn’t work for you, you don’t pay. It’s that simple.

I'm John.

John Cooper

I’ve been a dating coach for over 20 years and I specialize in helping men who are afraid to talk to women overcome this fear and learn how to feel good about who they are while being able to express their desire to women with confidence.

Every Other Dating Coach Has Got it Wrong!

Forget everything you know about dating. It doesn’t have to be scary. It isn’t about looks.

If you’ve been trying to learn how to get a girlfriend, there’s a 95% chance you’ve encountered a bunch of outdated, bullshit advice. Excuse my French.

I’m going to be straight with you. 95% of dating coaches out there have got it wrong.

The entire dating advice community started in the 1980’s with a group of men who created a system for attracting the opposite sex called “pick up.” You’ve heard of pick up artists.

These guys had great intentions, but the problem is that the entire system they created was built around one thing: Using techniques to hide their neediness.

And it stuck, because it worked.

The pick up artist (PUA) community was born and to this day 95% of dating coaches are teaching men how to pick up girls based on these teachings.

So what’s the problem?

The problem is that, being needy is the opposite of being attractive.

In the current dating model, pickup, you are only successful if you GET the girl. You are incomplete without her.

current dating model

This gives off a needy smell. You see, women can smell that needy smell on you. And I can tell you from experience, this will make no girl fall in love with you, and decreases your chances to get a girl friend by 10 fold.

To hide this, dating coaches use a whole host of techniques. The goal is to hide the needy smell and use techniques to pretend to be an attractive guy. We call this the pick up artist shield:

Pick up artist shield

I call these techniques the PUA shield. A shield of techniques to hide the needy smell.

The problem with this is when you feel one thing (you want her), but you express another thing (you don’t want her), this creates an incongruence in your energy.

It’s what we all know as creepiness.

So you can spend your whole life being needy and using techniques and tricks to seem like your not, or you can rip the neediness out of the deepest depths of your bones and become a truly attractive man who knows how to take action with women.

The choice is yours.


I’m sure you’re on board now with losing your neediness and becoming an attractive guy, instead of pretending to be one. So how do you do this?

Instead of needing the girl or a girlfriend to become whole, what you need to do is first become whole without women.

This is called being autonomous.

Now, instead of trying to fill the hole within you with women, and being super needy – you can express your masculine desire to the women you find attractive from a place of wholeness. You can shine your desire unconditionally, without needing anything in return. Like the sun.

being attractive

Sun energy is very powerful. The sun shines its light unconditionally. If you decided you don’t want a tan and you want to stand in the shade – the sun does not feel rejected. To be truly attractive, you must do the same.

Everything is built from this core foundation. Autonomy first.


Autonomy is only is the first of 6 principles. Each more powerful than the next. Using these principles, I will turn you into an attractive force who has zero fear of talking to women.

Regardless of looks, social status or experience.

This, in combination with learning all the technical aspects of seduction and how to take action with women will give you the social and romantic freedom that most men only dream of.


When you sign up for the program, here’s how it works. I usually charge $3,000.00 or more to train guys 1 on 1, but to make this accessible to anyone I have created an online system to simulate working with me one on one for a fraction of the price.

1: Watch The Videos

Learn everything about my 6 step system in 32 HD lessons, including classroom sessions, breakdowns with paid models, live exercises & live examples with real women.

2: Put it Into Practice

We have designed over 30 at home exercises for you to do to implement everything you learn and see actual results in your life. You will literally rewire your brain to be fear free.

3: Ask As You Go

As you go through the lessons and exercises you can ask any questions you may have along the way. This will help you break through sticking points and simulate real life coaching.

4: Join The Community

Gain access to our entire private men's social media community including a private members only dating group where you can ask questions, connect with like minded guys and share your success.

5: In-Ear Coaching

We have prepared for you a series of in-ear audio coaching for you to listen to on your first days out. These act as motivation & a reminder of key mindset and things you need to know.

6: Bonus Programs

Get access to 3 bonus programs that teach you how to pleasure women sexually better than anyone she's ever been with. These abilities will give you deep confidence during your interactions with women.

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Meet Your New Coach: John Cooper


John Cooper, Author of the book “Game Over” has teamed up with Menprovement X to share his teachings exclusively on this platform.

John has been a dating coach for over 10 years and has helped over 1,000 men transform their dating life without having to partake in low vibrational practices like Pick Up.

His teachings, which revolve around 6 core principles, are unlike anything else in the dating community. While most dating coaches teach men how to simply hide being needy using techniques and tricks, John eliminates this neediness from his students and helps them show up with women without need.

Once you are no longer needy, you become attractive – and you can show up with women on a whole new level.

When you come from this place you can express your desire to women without fear, anxiety or rejection. This will be replaced by excitement and confidence. His complete work cannot be found anywhere else other than Menprovement X.

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I never thought that I would be able to start a conversation with a pretty girl I saw during my day. But honestly, I can. now - and it has changed my life. Thank you guys so much. For anyone reading this, this is exactly what you have been searching for.
Michael Phillips
Verified Member
"It was hard for me to give up on online dating, but I realized it was just using it for a dopamine release as I scrolled through girls, but it got me nowhere! One week working with John & Sean and I made more progress than I did in a year online."
Jason Sinclair
Verified Member
"It's amazing how I've never been able to talk to a hot girl before. I never felt like I was good enough, or handsome enough. But with a few mindset shifts now I look forward to it. I wish I knew this stuff in college!"
Edgar Ramirez
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Frequently Asked Questions

What we teach may look the same from the outside (going up and talking to a girl) as pick up, but on the intention and vibrational level it is completely different. When you are trying to take, are dependent on an outcome or don’t value yourself or course you are going to be afraid and anxious! But through education and the exercises we teach you will be able to shift your perspective to one of giving, wholeness, independence from outcome & understanding the value you have to offer any woman. From this place you are coming from the heart, and when you come from the heart there is no fear. The old feelings of anxiety and fear will turn into excitement and attraction. We’ve worked with hundreds of students and seen even the most fear struck men make this transition.

First off, no matter what you look like, you cannot control the reactions of the women you talk to. Some will like you and some will not. Some will be in a shitty mood, some won’t. Some will be shallow and some won’t. Some will only like black guys and some white. All you can do is you and you will find the girls who like you for you.

We’ve know extremely physically attractive guys who are horrible with women and vice versa. Attraction is energetic and we help you access that as well as optimize your look.

If you’re shy or introverted, that’s great. We don’t want to change your personality. We believe all men are naturally good with women – and we will help you find that version of yourself and eliminate the boundaries that are holding him back.

You don’t have to be a loud extrovert to be good with women, or go to loud bars and clubs. Some of the most quite guys are the most seductive.

If for some reason you don’t experience the transformation you are looking for, or you are unhappy for any reason, we will work with you personally to get you past your barriers. 

Everything is digital. After purchase, you will receive a login and password for Menprovement X where the program is hosted. from there, you can access all the programs from all devices.