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Develop your own unique step-by-step pathway to confidence, through living honestly, courageously and with deep purpose.

Course Details:

Backed by our 90 day – no questions asked, money back guarantee.

Course Details:

Backed by our 90 day – no questions asked, money back guarantee.

The 3X Confidence and Authenticity Masterclass Programme will help you create a clear step-by-step pathway over 12 weeks toward creating genuine self-confidence. This will be different to anything you’ve ever been through before…

Are YOU ready to own your life?

This course is for people who want to learn how to be genuine and fearlessly honest regardless of the situation they are in. It’s for people who want to find that perfect balance in-between low self-worth and arrogance; that state of humble yet uncompromising certainty about who YOU are. Mostly, it’s for people who want to be able to feel proud about the way they are living and therefore become completely unaffected by other people’s judgments.

It's time to create the life you always wished was real

This course approaches the concept of authenticity as a unique way of living specific to YOU. I won’t tell you how to live; instead I will show you how to remove your limiting beliefs and shame so that you know exactly what it means to be ‘yourself’ in any situation. We will discover which core values you want to live by, and why you feel guilt, regret and disappointment about your actions when you don’t live by them.

It's time to create a high quality social circle

Most fears are socially based. This course will show you the secret 3X formula to creating genuine and meaningful connections with other people, through becoming a powerful social leader who never compromises their integrity. Instead of trying to make everyone like you, we will look at how to express yourself accurately to attract people who are the right fit for you, and push away those who would bring you down. A whole new world of love, dating, connection and social circle quality awaits you! Imagine having the confidence to be yourself without having to worry what others think, or what you should or shouldn’t be saying. It can be done!

It's time to remove the mental barriers that sabotage you

Each of the 12 sessions comes with videos explaining how to apply all of the unique concepts, from The 3X Model through to Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Shame, Creating Meaningful Connections through Honesty, and SO much more! As if that wasn’t enough, each session comes with helpful supplementary written resources, audio recordings of the exclusive Confident Mindset Inner Circle series, and practical video tutorials. Plus you get direct access to me personally and others, for support, feedback and tips along the way.

The meaning of your life is waiting for you

Through becoming self-confident and creating an authentic lifestyle you will discover what we are all looking for: PURPOSE. When you understand what it means to live by your values, and you let go of the restrictions that shame and beliefs place on you, you will start to understand WHY you are alive. That is the ultimate source of quality satisfaction. The fact is that deep down you already know your purpose, but it is covered in fear, expectations and societal pressure. I’m here to help you remove those unhelpful barriers.

I can’t wait to help you start your new life!

Dan Munro

What You’ll Learn

Who This Course is For

Meet Your New Coach

Daniel Munro

Daniel Munro: Head Coach


Dan Munro is a Confidence and Integrity Coach based in Europe. He created the BROJO self-development community which has grown to include members from all over the world, and is the #1 bestselling author of The Legendary Life and Nothing to Lose.

Dan specializes in helping people figure out what it means to “just be yourself”, through helping them remove the psychological barriers to authentic and confident living. He comes from a psychology and science-focused philosophy and background, having worked with high risk criminal offenders, and is expertly trained in confidence building, motivational techniques, psychological confidence, leadership skills, acceptance and value-based living, and managing manipulation.

Dan is a former People-Pleaser (a.k.a Nice Guy) who spent most of his life trying to get approval from other people. Once he discovered that this was a painful and dishonest way to live, he set out to find the truth about how to enjoy life, find purpose, and be ultimately satisfied with who you are as a person. He developed a blueprint called The 3X Model of Confidence, that underlies success in all areas of life, and can be learned quickly and effectively.

Dan’s mission in life is to teach people this secret so that they can get the most out of their short time on this planet.

90 day guarantee

Ready to take control of your life and become the most confident, fulfilled you? Enroll today for just $47.00.

3X Confidence is backed by our 90 day – no questions asked money back guarantee.